Take a screaming Hammond, melodic and heavy guitars, tight ass drums and smooth vocals and put them all in a blender. What do you get? Well first of all you need a bigass blender for this and second it would probably be the biggest mess you'd ever seen. 
But literal assumptions aside: what you get is a nice mixture of blues and (hard)rock, sprinkled with a bit of americana. Your serving of Vendetta Drive, created mid 2016. 

We won't bother you with boring stories about what we like to eat, how we drink our coffee and what kind of gear we play. It's about the music. And to your right (or below if you are using a phone or tablet) you see a nice player with some first demo cuts in it, give it a spin, we know you won't be sorry... And if you are, well you didn't pay for it so tough luck.

More information will come soon so stay tuned! Want to reach out to us? No problem, send an email to band@vendettadrive.com, we would love to hear from you! 

Vendetta Drive